Terms Of Use

Welcome to our page of Terms & Conditions. This page highlights the rules and regulations for the use of the Oklute Website.

Before accessing this website, you need to give your consent that you agree with these terms and conditions in full. You will not be allowed to use or access this site if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Pleasure seekers are those clients who desire to get erotic services from escorts or pleasure-givers. Escorts are adults providing erotic services and are termed here as pleasure-givers. Both of these- pleasure-seekers and pleasure-givers are our clients. Escorts can create and post ads on this portal and create profiles in accordance with the Paid Services terms below. Pleasure-seekers can access to ads or content as placed by escorts and are allowed to contact escorts via the contact information uploaded by them.

The Terms and Conditions governs our use of clients’ personal data along with the use of cookies and similar technology. We store only the minimum personal data, in accordance with the suitable that guide us to deliver the service suitably to all clients.


It’s not the responsibility of the website administrators to claim that the information and services provided to the pleasure-seekers are genuine, fulfilling and of high-quality. As a client, you are sole responsible to verify the authenticity of any text, information or reference to your services.

We are neither the escort agents nor the mediators between escorts and pleasure-seekers. The real employers are agencies or independent escorts who make it easier for clients to get the desired adult entertainment as per the compliance with the local law.

Consent of Age

All the users of the website, whether they be escort or pleasure-seeker need to agree with this that they are 18 years or older and hence they are not offended by adult content or they can suitably access such sex-explicit content or ads.


Unless otherwise specified, Oklute owns the intellectual property rights for all materials published on its site. No person or agency can use the content of the site or ads for commercial use. They may view or print pages for their personal use that is subject to restrictions enumerated below:-

  1. Republishing content or ad is not allowed.
  2. No person can sell, rent or sub-license ads and content from www.oklute.com.
  3. None can duplicate, copy or reproduce pictures or profiles in any form from this site.

In case of violation of the same, the person or agency is liable to attract legal proceedings against the same.

Besides this, you need to check out the following conditions that highlights our policy of acceptable use:-

Accessing this site or content is not meant to be used against any person or agency in any conceivable way. Users show interest in the data out of their sheer private interest and preferences.

No Copied Content

Escorts should not post on this portal copied content from any source. Any case of infringement of copyright, the user’s account may be suspended without notice.

No Placement of third-party link without the consent

We do not entertain placing any third-party link without our approval. Besides this, no link should be placed on any page of our website or within any context that contain libelous, obscene or criminal content or that violates or is liable to infringe any third-party rights.

Summary and Guidelines

Users can check out the following summarized versions of our terms of use that may help them clear any of their doubts and make it convenient for them to understand all important clauses. However, these guidelines should not be taken to form legal advice as to when material is lawful to include in posts and advertisements: -


  1. Post ads that contain references to paid sexual services.
  2. Use pornographic pictures or sexually-explicit images highlighting obscene images or a genitalia that does not conform to the applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Any picture of erotic material that appear to be non-consensual or extreme pornography that is likely to cause injuries to person's anus, breasts or genitals are not allowed;
  4. Any material that has been used without the consent of the participant or any ad that comes under the category of revenge porn is not allowed;
  5. Any material or picture that depicts, promotes, offers sexual activity with minors or which otherwise promotes pedophilia is not allowed;
  6. Any person who is caught to include any such picture or content that depicts the profile of pedophile material will attract legal proceedings that may lead him to fine and jail or penalties by competent authorities. Besides this, we have all the power to report material that conflict with our rules on extreme pornography or revenge pornography;
  7. Before publishing any escort ad or ad for adult services, the person should confirm that he or she is of legal age or 18 years and older and they have accessed or are posting ads based on their sole discretion. They have not been forced in any way by other person. Without providing such consent of legal age, they would not be able to use any such service of our site or post ads of any kind.
  8. Users are allowed to post the same advertisement in a maximum of three different cities;
  9. One cannot and should not repeat the same advertisement in the same city during the same time period; and
  10. You should never include hypertext links in any advertisement or profile.

With the aim to facilitate convenience and easy use of our site and help people gain maximum benefits for the same in their specific geographical location, we will operate the service as per our sole discretion that will be in the ambit of the specified terms and conditions.

These Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.