The services provided here are governed by some set rules and terms which are stated below.


User understanding and behaviour


In this document of terms, the term User refers to both the demanding and seeking users. All the services here can be availed by individuals over the age of 18. Under no circumstance do we allow or encourage the use of the website by minors for any purpose (even if it is under the guidance of parents).


We assume that the user assumes all responsibilities and agrees to the condition that he or she is not a minor and is not going to indulge in any unsolicited behaviour at any point of time.


The continuation of use of the website and its services would mean that you or the user accepts the complete and exclusive responsibility of their own behaviour and well being. Oklute does not make any ad content and hence, we do not use the site for any profit or malicious intent. We are not an intermediary extracting profit of any kind from the transactions happening.


The user is using and posting ads on Oklute with the knowledge that Oklute does not guarantee the veracity of any of the ads, neither a good negotiation. By publishing your ad here, you confirm that Oklute can use the ads on the search engine for better visibility and hence, the classifieds will be promoted in a preset manner.

Accepting the terms would imply that the user will not use the services for anything other than entertainment. No illegal activity shall be allowed. We will not allow promotion of pornography, paedophilic or defamatory content. All or any offensive material of this kind shall be removed by the company. The platform is for service seekers and providers and hence, we do not think that there is any need for morals or proper public order to be violated for profit. Any user found guilty of this shall be reported to the competent authorities and his/her ads or use shall be terminated effective immediately. The contact information provided here at Oklute is for distant communication. We do not guarantee the genuineness of any of the seeker or provider. The email you provide for using the site might be used for promotional purposes as well.


By agreeing to these terms, you agree that you are of legal age (as per the laws in your country) and are not being forced to use the website or its services in any manner. You should agree that you will not offer the services that are against the law of your residing nation/state.




  1. Ads that contain reference to sexual service in exchange for money are not allowed. We do not encourage prostitution.
  2. Inserting images that are of pornographic nature and contain genital organs are not allowed. You may report such material to us and immediate action shall be taken.
  3. Posting images or promoting paedophilic services/nature is strictly prohibited. If this is found, we shall take meticulous effort in putting together the access data, sending it over to the competent authorities so that the user can be brought to justice.
  4. By placing the ad on Oklute, you must agree that all content is of your responsibility and that the images provided are of individuals over 18 years of age who have not been forced in any manner.
  5. You can not repeat the advertisements in the same city. However, the same ads can be posted in 3 different cities.
  6. No ad selling prostitution services or sex shall be allowed.
  7. No offensive or vulgar content shall be allowed on the website.


If any issue exists after having read the website terms of use, you are advised to leave the use of the website with immediate effect. We may change the terms of use without notice and hence, all users are requested to check the page from time to time, for the purpose of staying updated.


For queries, feel free to contact us.